Precautions for the installation of the inlet and outlet of the Horizontal Multistage Pump



The installation of Horizontal Multistage Pump involves the installation of pump heads, motors and pipelines. The process is very complicated. If the installation of any link is not in place, it may cause the horizontal multistage centrifugal pump unit to fail to fully perform its energy efficiency in the later operation. Sometimes it can't even work normally. Today, the editor of Changsha Zhonglian Pump Industry will share the precautions for the installation of the water inlet and outlet of the horizontal multistage centrifugal pump for users and friends.

Horizontal Multistage Pump

1. When installing the water inlet road, the horizontal section is horizontal or upward
Doing so will raise gas in the water inlet, reduce the vacuum value of the tap water pipe and the Horizontal Multistage Pump, and reduce the lift of the Horizontal Multistage Pump and the water flow rate. The precise method is: the horizontal section needs to be slightly skewed towards the direction of the water resources, not horizontal, let alone tilting upwards.

2. There are many 90-degree elbows used on the road of the Horizontal Multistage Pump inlet
If more 90-degree elbows are used in the water inlet pipe, it will increase the frictional resistance of part of the flowing water. Moreover, the elbow should be turned in a vertical position, and it is not agreed to turn in a horizontal position to prevent gas accumulation.
3. Large-caliber Horizontal Multistage Pump is equipped with a small water pipe to deliver meals
Many people think that it can increase the specific pump head of Horizontal Multistage Pump. The specific pump head of horizontal multistage centrifugal pump = total water pump head-missing water pump head. When the pump model is judged, the head of the main water pump is certain; the key to reducing the head of the water pump comes from the frictional resistance of the pipeline. The smaller the pipe diameter, the greater the frictional resistance. Therefore, the greater the head of the missing water pump. Therefore, after reducing the pipe diameter, the horizontal multi-stage The specific pump head of the centrifugal pump can not only be increased, but will be reduced, resulting in a high-efficiency landing of the horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump.