Selection points of ZA petroleum pump material

ZA petroleum chemical pump material is very important, the basic requirement of a successful pump device is performance and life. Performance is the parameters of the pump: head, flow and efficiency. Life is the total number of hours of operation before one or several parts must be replaced while maintaining the allowable performance. It is a measure of the structural material's resistance to corrosion, erosion, or a combination of the two under actual operating conditions.

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Manufacturers tell you: the characteristics and uses of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump

UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump refers to the centrifugal pump used in the chemical field. Compared with other types of pumps, UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump has simple structure, less wear and tear, stable operation, low noise, uniform water discharge, and convenient adjustment. High efficiency and other advantages, so chemical centrifugal pumps have been widely used.

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What is Steam Reciprocating Pump?

2QS Steam Reciprocating Pump is a kind of pumping equipment that is powered by steam and works according to the pump principle. Its main advantages are simple structure, easy installation, use and maintenance.

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What is the function of the lubrication system of High Pressure Water Pump

The lubrication of the moving part of the High Pressure Water Pump is the forced circulation lubrication of the gear pump driven by the main shaft through the rotation of the gear.

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What are the precautions for using QW sewage pump

When the QW sewage pump is working, the auxiliary impeller rotates with the main shaft of the pump, and the liquid of the auxiliary impeller also rotates together.

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What are the advantages of QW sewage pump

QW sewage pump is a submersible sewage pump, which can tear and cut long fibers, bags, belts, glue, cloth and other materials from sewage, and then discharge them smoothly.

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