JGGC High Pressure Water Pump


The main products include QB, 2QS steam reciprocating pump series, DG, D horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps, JGGC efficient vertical boiler feed pumps, LG, DL high-rise buildings water feed pumps, R hot water circulation pump series, IS, IH single-stage centrifugal pump series, DB, W vortex pump series, with a total of nearly 20 series, and more than 400 varieties.

Keywords:QB, 2QS steam reciprocating pump series, DG, D horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pumps


Products overview:

Model-JGGC sub-high pressure multistage boiler feed water pump is designed and made according to advanced technology abroad. This product is made of stainless steel plate, through the process of pressing, drawing and welding, which has been widely used for industrial boiler's feed water in developed countries. Compared with domestic casting processing pump, it has the features of small volume, light weight, high efficient, energy saving, small vibration, low noise, evenly turn long service life, vertical mounted, small ground occupation, which can be described as an ideal upgrading energy saving product.
In addition to water supply, drainage system and boiler feed, it is also widely used for pressure container feed water, tall building feed water, farm irrigation, pressurized in fire control, wine making, medicine, chemical industry, aquaculture, environmental protection and machine matching etc.

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