Selection points of ZA petroleum pump material



ZA petroleum chemical pump material is very important, the basic requirement of a successful pump device is performance and life. Performance is the parameters of the pump: head, flow and efficiency. Life is the total number of hours of operation before one or several parts must be replaced while maintaining the allowable performance. It is a measure of the structural material's resistance to corrosion, erosion, or a combination of the two under actual operating conditions.

ZA petrochemical pump material
When selecting materials for pump wetted parts, factors to consider are: user experience, expected pump life (e.g. for short-term or long-term use), intermittent or continuous use, pumping hazardous or toxic liquids or liquid conditions. The corrosiveness of the transported liquid is different due to one or more of the following conditions: temperature, concentration, purity, speed, mixed solids and gases.
Stainless steel usually refers to an iron-based corrosion-resistant alloy with a chromium content of 12%-30%. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly determined by the presence of chromium, and the iron-chromium binary system is the basis of stainless steel. The addition of other alloying elements can affect and change the structure and properties of the alloy. Depending on the carbon content, 18% chromium stainless steel can be divided into three categories, namely, ferritic steel with less than 0.08% carbon, austenitic-ferritic steel with 0.08%-0.22% carbon and austenitic steel with more than 0.22% carbon. body steel.
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