Daily maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal pump



Centrifugal pump daily maintenance maintenance of centrifugal pump is the important guarantee of safe and reliable operation, only a centrifugal pump in the condition of good equipment, can give full play to the maximum efficiency of the equipment, to ensure normal production need. In general, the centrifugal pump machine has been adjusted before delivery. In the six months after the purchase of the pump, the unused centrifugal pump does not need to carry out the inspection work, only check whether the rotation is flexible, whether there is corrosion and oil injection. If the centrifugal pump with packing seal, such as KKW series centrifugal pump and horizontal multistage centrifugal pump before the pump is used, the packing should be added.
Daily maintenance and maintenance of centrifugal pumps:
(1) keep the equipment clean, dry and clean.
(2) check whether the operation sound of the centrifugal pump is normal every day, whether there is vibration or leakage.
(3) check whether the oil level of the suspension oil of the centrifugal pump is suitable every day, and keep it at 1/3 and 2/3 of the oil mark.
(4) it is strictly forbidden to work in the tank (bucket) when the liquid is pumped out, because the centrifugal pump works not only in vibration, but also in the life of the pump.
(5) it is strictly prohibited to enter the centrifugal pump with materials such as metal objects and rubber, cotton yarn and plastic cloth, so as to avoid damaging the overflow parts of the water pump and blocking the impeller passage, so that the pump can not operate normally.
(6) check the concentricity of the claw coupling regularly.
(7) the centrifugal pump with packing seal should check the leakage of the stuffing box regularly. The normal leakage of the stuffing box is 10 ~ 20 drops per minute. Otherwise, the packing gland should be adjusted to loosen the position.
(8) the bearing temperature should be checked regularly, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ~ 75.
(9) within the first month of operation of the pump, after running 100h. Replace the lubricating oil in the suspension oil chamber, and replace the lubricating oil once every 500h.
(10) it is necessary to check whether the centrifugal pump inlet and outlet piping system (pipe fitting, valve) support mechanism is loose, to ensure that the supporting mechanism is firm and the pump body is not supported.
(11) check the fastening conditions of the foundation fastening bolts of the centrifugal pump.
(12) when the centrifugal pump is not used for a long time, the pump should be taken apart, and the rust prevention treatment shall be done, and then reinstalled to be used for the next time.
(13) when the spare centrifugal pump installed in the production system is not running for a long time, it shall rotate 1/4 laps per week so that the pump shaft is uniformly subjected to static load and external vibration.
(14) the centrifugal pump operates at about 2000h and should be inspected, repaired or replaced with damaged parts.
(15) after the new installation and maintenance of the centrifugal pump, it is necessary to first try the motor turns and then put on the pin of the coupling.
(16) the centrifugal pump is allowed to reverse the pump when the motor is cut off. However, special attention should be paid to that when the centrifugal pump is particularly large, the backstop valve should be set on the pipe to prevent backwater flow and control the sudden reversal of the centrifugal pump.