Centrifugal pump bearing overheat, too much current how to do?



Centrifugal pump in the use process, sometimes there will be bearing overheating phenomenon, resulting in failure, affecting the production efficiency; centrifugal pump motor current is too large phenomenon, the two reasons often appear simultaneously. Today, I will analyze the reasons for this phenomenon for your reference.

Cause analysis of Centrifugal Pump Bearing Overheating: (1) poor quality of rolling bearing or wear during operation; (2) too small clearance of sliding bearing; (3) poor cooling of bearing box; (4) insufficient or excessive amount of lubricating oil and grease or impurities.

Cause analysis of excessive current of centrifugal pump motor: (1) medium gravity or viscosity is not in accordance with design; (2) serious friction between rotor and shell; (3) misalignment of coupling or wear of bearing.