What is DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump?



DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump is a multi-stage centrifugal water pump, which is widely used to transport clean water with a temperature lower than 160°C. DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump is mainly used for the comprehensive utilization of medium industrial energy in metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, building materials, chemical industry, rubber, heat recovery waste heat utilization system and medium and small thermal power plant sub-high pressure and medium pressure boiler feed water. It can also be used to transport water The physical and chemical properties of 0.25% of insoluble solid impurities and 5% of solid impurities soluble in water are similar to other media of water. It is suitable for the unit system of various capacity units and the main pipe water supply system. The pump has high efficiency and good cavitation performance.

quality DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump

The working principle of DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump is the same as that of a ground centrifugal pump. When the motor drives the impeller on the shaft to rotate at high speed, the liquid filled in the impeller will be thrown to the impeller from the center of the impeller along the flow path between the blades under the action of centrifugal force. Because the liquid is affected by the blades, the pressure and speed of the boiler feed water pump increase at the same time, and it is guided to the next-stage impeller through the flow passage of the guide casing. In this way, it flows through all the impellers and guide casings successively. Further increase the pressure energy of the liquid.

Use of DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump

1. Heat pump, reasonable heat pump is one of the most important start-up procedures of DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump, which can adopt positive heating and reverse heating. The cold-start feedwater pump adopts positive heating, and the positive heating pump, that is, the deaerator, the water enters the pump through the inlet pipe, and the pressure gauge pipe in the pump discharges water. In addition, water enters the lower part of the water inlet section. In hot standby, the feed water pump adopts reverse heating. The reverse heating pump is used to enter the pump from the pressure main pipe through throttling, and return to the deaerator from the inlet pipe. In addition, water is also discharged in the lower part of the water inlet section.
2. Maintenance during operation, check DG High Pressure Boiler Feed WaterPump inlet water temperature, check outlet water pressure, check balance pressure, bearing return oil temperature not exceeding 70°C, cooling water inlet and drain temperature difference not greater than 10°C, etc.