What is Immersible Pump



The Immersible Pump motor shaft is directly connected to the pump shaft through a coupling on the pump head. The pump can be equipped with an intelligent protector as required to prevent the pump from running dry and lacking phase. Effective protection such as overload. In order to meet the installation depth of the water tank or container, a cavity can be installed to change the length of the pump itself. For different table lengths, please refer to the table of dimensions and weights and the table of available product ranges.

Immersible Pump

Immersible Pump is often used to transport machine tool coolant, lubricating fluid, condensate transportation, industrial cleaning equipment and other occasions suitable for immersion pumps. It is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges.

Immersible Pump has excellent characteristics such as light weight, beautiful appearance, fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, and low noise. Fully enclosed structure, using the current domestic advanced precision casting technology, exquisite and beautiful appearance. A double sealing structure can be installed inside, which completely solves the problem of easy leakage of the original water pump seal. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, long-lasting durability, and the paint surface will never fall off.

The inlet section of the Immersible Pump base adopts the stainless steel silica sol casting process and is produced in batches on a CNC lathe. It has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable. The surrounding filter hollow ring can make the water absorption more fully, and can filter larger debris. It adopts modern and advanced craftsmanship and processing equipment such as precision casting, CNC lathes, and machining centers. The quality is continuously optimized, the performance is improved, and the core quality is more excellent and perfect.