Precautions for purchasing Immersible Pump



1. Immersible Pump flow rate:

Immersible Pump is a product that must be equipped and installed before the design of industrial enterprises, municipal projects, etc. The selection must take into account that heavy rains, typhoons, etc. may cause waterlogging in enterprises, cities, etc., and the designed flow must ensure that special circumstances occur. A main pump and an auxiliary pump are required.

Immersible Pump

2. Immersible Pump project:

Immersible Pump must comprehensively consider various factors such as vertical height, horizontal distance, and elbow. Under normal circumstances, the selected Immersible Pump should be within 20% of the required head; if the head is lower than the required head, no water can be pumped. Too much head higher than the rated head will cause the submersible pump to exceed the rated flow access, and the motor will cause overcurrent. Accidents such as the machine heats up or even burns down.

3. Immersible Pump power supply voltage:

The motor voltage of the power supply is 380V; the motor voltage of the single-phase power supply is 220V. Civil power generally uses 220V single-phase sewage pump, industrial enterprises generally choose 380V three-phase Immersible Pump, and mining enterprises generally choose 660V/1140V explosion-proof type.

4.Immersible Pump size and method:

The size of the pump body and elbow of Immersible Pump is generally larger, and the size of the sump should be fully considered. If it is too small, it will cause delay in heat dissipation. There are two common installation methods for submersible pumps: mobile installation and coupling installation , The mobile installation is relatively simple, only need to hang the pump with ropes and lift it into the sewage tank. The coupled installation is more complicated and can be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer. The auxiliary devices: hoist, stainless steel chain, guide rail, etc. must be Equipped.