Introduction to the control system of DG Multistage Pump



DG Multistage Pump is a kind of centrifugal pump, and it also relies on the rotation of the impeller to obtain centrifugal force, thereby material. When the gas density reaches the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, it is pumped out, thereby gradually obtaining a high vacuum. DG Multistage Pump can be used in many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, machinery, mining, light industry, medicine and food. In many processes of industrial production, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum water diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum rehydration and vacuum degassing, multi-stage pumps are widely used. It can pump out flammable and explosive gas, and also can pump out dusty and water-containing gas. Therefore, the application of water ring pumps is increasing.

DG Multistage Pump

DG Multistage Pump adopts computer design and optimization processing. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect testing methods, so as to ensure the stable and reliable product quality. Multi-stage pumps, horizontal, single-suction multi-stage, segmented centrifugal pumps. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable operation, low noise, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. For transporting clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. It can also be used to transport hot water, oil, corrosive or abrasive media by changing the material and sealing form of the pump's flow-through components and adding a cooling system. The multi-stage pump is mainly composed of four parts: the stator, the rotor, the bearing and the shaft seal: the stator part of the multi-stage pump is mainly composed of the suction section, the middle section, the discharge section and the guide vane. There are tension bolts to clamp each section to form the work room. The D-type pump generally sucks in horizontally and discharges vertically upward; when it is used for water injection in oil fields, the inlet and outlet of the pump are vertically upward.

The basic structure of DG Multistage Pump is composed of inlet section, outlet section, middle section, tail cover, impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, stuffing box and other components. The impeller is the core part of the multi-stage pump. It has a high speed and a large output. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass a static balance experiment before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth to reduce the friction loss of the water flow. The inlet section, outlet section, and middle section are also called pump casings, which are the main body of the multi-stage pump. Play a supporting and fixing role, and connect with the bracket for mounting the bearing. The role of the pump shaft is to connect the motor with the coupling, and transmit the torque of the motor to the impeller, so it is the main part of the transmission of mechanical energy.