What are the management points of quality FSB Centrifugal Pump in operation



1. Monitor the quality FSB Centrifugal Pump is running smoothly, whether there is abnormal noise, observe whether the suction and discharge pressure gauges, ammeter indications are normal, if strong vibration and abnormality are found, stop and check immediately.

quality FSB Centrifugal Pump

2. Always check the temperature of the bearing by hand, generally not exceeding 70C; if the oil quality is poor, it should be updated, and the insufficient oil should be replenished in time.

3. Pay attention to check the working condition of the shaft seal. The stuffing box cover should not be too tight or biased, so that water droplets can continue to drip out during operation.

4. Regularly clean the suction filter to prevent clogging; especially to prevent air from leaking into the pipe and pump, affecting normal inhalation.

5. When the pump needs to be replaced during operation, the following steps should be followed: Start the standby pump in advance according to the starting operation rules. When the operation is normal, gradually open the discharge valve to make it work in parallel with the pump to be stopped. Appropriate pressure to prevent high pressure damage to the pipeline, then close the discharge valve of the pump to be stopped, then stop the pump and close the suction valve.

6. The quality FSB Centrifugal Pump generally uses the discharge valve throttling adjustment method to adjust the flow, and avoids the suction valve throttling adjustment to prevent the suction pressure from being reduced or even cavitation due to throttling, which will destroy the suction performance.