Arrival acceptance and installation steps of sewage pump components



1. After unpacking, check whether the sewage pump components and accessories are complete. The nameplate parameters of the optional pump are adapted to the needs of the operation.

sewage pump components
2. Use hard steel wire hoses or PVC water pipes, metal water pipes to connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the water pipes, pay attention to the matching diameters, and fasten the joints to ensure gas-phase sealing at the joints.
3. Choose a suitable location to place or fix the sewage pump. The pump body should be placed in the correct way.
4. According to the different conditions of the pump, refer to the requirements before use of this type of pump, and make preparations for water supply before starting the machine.
5. Turn on the power, and the pump will be able to discharge water in a moment.
6. After the sewage pump components are used, if they are not used for a period of time, they should not be immersed in water. They should be energized and run in clean water for a few minutes to clean the mud inside and outside the pump, and then wipe them. Apply anti-rust paint and place in a ventilated and dry place for later use.
Notice to users: If any damaged parts are found in sewage pump components, they should be replaced, and do not make the pump work with illness.
When the voltage is low, after the sewage pump components submerge into the water and turn on the power supply, if the pump does not produce water or the water is very slow, it should be started with no load, and then put into the water to work after normal operation.