Daily maintenance of High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump



The High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump system consists of multiple feed pumps, two to three start-up feed pumps as the main, and one or two electric feed pumps as backup or auxiliary. This configuration is beneficial to start the backup feed pump system to supplement insufficient supply when the main engine system fails or cannot meet the boiler operation requirements, so as to avoid boiler shutdown due to failure. Common faults are mainly concentrated in the lubricating oil system, wind shelter system, speed control system, auxiliary motor overheating and insufficient flow. The basis for eliminating and solving boiler feed pump failures through scientific analysis and finding the cause of the failure, can only avoid the recurrence of the same type of failure by eliminating the cause of the failure. The causes and exclusions of different fault types are discussed below.
 High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump
High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump is the basis for safe and stable operation of boilers. With the application of automation technology in boiler feed water, modern boiler liquid level automatic adjustment system has become the key to safe and stable operation. In recent years, accidents of boiler shutdown due to failure are not uncommon. The reason is that the equipment maintenance department does not have a good grasp of the cause of the failure.
High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump is an important part of modern boilers and plays an important role in the safe and stable operation of boilers. Therefore, the maintenance and management department of the boiler must pay attention to the maintenance and management of the system, carry out scientific maintenance for the purpose of failure prevention, and promptly replace the parts whose service life has expired to avoid greater damage to the unit after the parts are damaged. Establish a maintenance record for the High Pressure Boiler Feed Water Pump system, and determine the replacement time according to the operation of the boiler and the scientific analysis of the record, so as to ensure the stable operation of the system. This requires the maintenance department to strengthen the training of professional and technical personnel, and requires professional and technical personnel not only to have high professional knowledge and skills, but also to have modern equipment management concepts and methods. Scientific management and professional skills can ensure the safe and stable operation of the boiler.