Precautions for using quality FSB Centrifugal Pump



The flow parts of FSB Centrifugal Pump are all made of fluorine plastic alloy, with compact structure, simple operation and low price. FSB Centrifugal Pump all specifications of pump body, pump cover, impeller, mechanical seal and other accessories can be interchanged with FSB type short bracket direct-coupled fluorine alloy centrifugal pump. Therefore, it is well received by users. The following are some precautions for using FSB Centrifugal Pump.

FSB Centrifugal Pump

1. General FSB Centrifugal Pump is suitable for clean medium without suspended hard particles. If there are particles, please inform in advance when you make the contract. The newly installed series of pipelines and liquid storage tanks should be carefully flushed to prevent solid particles from entering the sealing end surface and making the seal ineffective.

2. When using the FSB Centrifugal Pump in the crystallization medium, pay attention to frequent flushing. After stopping, before restarting, flush the crystallization of the sealed end surface.

3. Disassemble the FSB Centrifugal Pump carefully, and do not forcibly knock it with a hammer, iron, etc., so as not to damage the dynamic and static sealing surfaces.

4. If the FSB Centrifugal Pump cannot be removed after long-term use, do not force it to knock it down. Try to remove the dirt, rinse it, and then disassemble it to ensure that the components are intact.

5. Before installing the FSB Centrifugal Pump, first check whether the mechanical seal components are invalid or damaged. If so, replace or repair them. Strictly check the damage of the dynamic and static sealing surfaces. No slight scratches, broken edges, and Defects, all parts (including pump body, impeller, rear cover, sealed cavity, etc.) should be rinsed clean before installation, and then coated with a layer of clean grease or oil.

6. When assembling the FSB Centrifugal Pump, pay attention to the parallelism between the static ring and the back cover, so as not to affect the sealing effect.

7. Correctly adjust the compression force of the spring so that it is not too tight or too loose. When installing the FSB Centrifugal Pump, you must first turn it by hand. You should feel that the seal has a certain compression force, and it can be turned briskly and flexibly. Feel the compression force of the adjustment spring to ensure the sealing effect.