What is the principle of R Hot Water Circulation Pump



In textile and chemical industries, R Hot Water Circulation Pump is more or less used to pressurize and transport water sources to provide convenience for work and life. People who have been exposed to water pumps will have a certain understanding of water pumps, but they are not so familiar with hot water circulating pumps. The following is a pump manufacturer to explain the working principle of the hot water circulating pump.

R Hot Water Circulation Pump

The working principle of R Hot Water Circulation Pump and circulating pump is basically the same. They both circulate the water through the pressure difference between the rotating inlet and the outlet. The difference of the hot water circulating pump is that it is designed for the hot water circulation system.

When the R Hot Water Circulation Pump is not working, its pump casing and suction pipe must be filled with water. At this time, the water around the impeller is still. When the pump motor drives the impeller to rotate at a high speed, the water obtains a large amount of water. centrifugal force. When it reaches the bottom of the water outlet of the circulating pump, a centrifugal phenomenon occurs and it rushes out of the nozzle. Since the pump casing is made of a spiral shape, when the water rises along the spiral, its water-passing end surface gradually increases from small to small, and the water speed decreases slowly with the increase of the water-passing end surface.

According to the law of conservation of physical energy, the kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy and gradually increases. When it reaches the outlet of the R Hot Water Circulation Pump, the pressure energy of the water is larger, and this pressure energy is the power for water delivery. The water in the center of the impeller is thrown to the outside by centrifugal force to form a vacuum state, so the water in the pool enters the pump casing through the suction pipe under the action of atmospheric pressure. The continuous operation of the hot water circulating pump can ensure continuous water supply.