Causes and Judgment Standards of Multistage Pump Impeller Wear



The impeller is a key component of the Multistage Pump. Since the impeller has been in harsh working conditions for a long time, the problem of impeller wear often causes headaches for enterprises. The following is how to judge whether the Multistage Pump impeller is worn.

Multistage Pump
Judging the phenomenon of Multistage Pump impeller wear:
1. The current of the water pump and the outlet pressure are not stable, and they fluctuate violently;
2. The water pump has abnormal noise, metal friction sound, and the vibration frequency increases;
3. The outlet flow rate of the water pump has decreased;
4. The axial series motion of the water pump increases, and the temperature of the pump casing and bearings rises.
How to tell if the Multistage Pump impeller is worn? Check the inner wall of the water pump is too worn? Or is the impeller too worn? No matter what kind of wear is too large, it will affect the efficiency of the water pump. The vibration is relatively large and the flow is unstable. If the water pump vibrates greatly, it is likely that the impeller of the water pump is too worn, which makes the water pump unable to find a balance point. Specifically, the water pump needs to be disassembled. judge.
Causes of Multistage Pump impeller wear:
1. The medium conveyed by the pump has high impurity content and poor water quality;
2. The water pump inlet filter is too close to the sediment or placed in the sediment;
3. The medium condition is too poor, and the material selection of the impeller is incorrect;
4. The water pump impeller nut is often or for a long time in a loose state, and the mentor water pump impeller is loose and eccentric wear occurs;
5. The water pump is in a cavitation state for a long time, causing the water pump to be damaged by cavitation.