What is RX High Temperature Low Cavitation Water Pump?



RX High Temperature Low Cavitation Water Pump is an improved product of the R series pump. This series of products creatively absorbs the advantages of the same type of products at home and abroad. Based on our company's years of production experience, it has maintained continuous improvement of the product. The hydraulic design, structural design and manufacturing process adopt a number of advanced technologies, with domestic leading cavitation performance, safe and stable operation, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is suitable for transporting high-pressure hot water with no particles below 250°C or 230°C in metallurgy, power station, boiler, plastic, rubber, textile, chemical, papermaking and other industries.

RX High Temperature Low Cavitation Water Pump

High Temperature Water Pump has relatively high requirements for pump body structure, pressure resistance and stability. Good flow channel design and impeller design can minimize the damage of cavitation to High Temperature Water Pump, which is also proposed to the water pump industry. There is a new test question.
High Temperature Water Pump cavitation or cavitation process is the process in which the flowing liquid generates bubbles and then bursts. When the absolute velocity of the fluid increases, due to the drop in the static pressure of the fluid, for some specific particles of the fluid at a certain temperature, although there is no heat input from the outside, they have reached the vaporization pressure, causing the particles to vaporize and produce bubbles. . Along the flow channel, if the static pressure of the fluid rises again and is greater than the vaporization pressure, the vapor bubble will burst quickly, resulting in a huge condensation shock that is inwardly explosive. If the rupture of the bubble does not occur when the liquid is flowing, but occurs at the wall surface of the flow guide component, cavitation will cause the wall material to be eroded.

The high temperature water pump cavitation margin is related to the flow conditions in the pump. It is determined by the RX High Temperature Low Cavitation Water Pump itself to balance the pressure drop at the inlet of the pump, that is, to ensure that the pump does not cavitation, it is required to be at the pump inlet The unit weight of liquid has a surplus energy exceeding the head of vaporization pressure. Call this the necessary net positive tip. The physical meaning of the pump NPSH indicates the degree of pressure drop of the liquid at the inlet of the pump. The so-called necessary net positive suction head means that the inhalation device must provide such a large net positive suction head to compensate for the pressure drop and ensure that the RX High Temperature Low Cavitation Water Pump does not cause cavitation.