What is Steam Reciprocating Pump?



The Steam Reciprocating Pump is a water supply equipment that connects the steam engine and the reciprocating pump by a piston rod.
 The steam engine part is powered by steam to make the piston reciprocate in the cylinder. The piston rod connected to the piston makes the piston in the water cylinder of the feed water pump also reciprocate. When the piston of the feedwater pump moves to the left, negative pressure is formed in the water cylinder. The water is sucked into the water cylinder from the suction port. The water is compressed by the piston and generates a certain pressure to be pressed out of the water outlet. In this way, the piston continues to reciprocate, and the water is continuously pressed out.

2QS Steam Reciprocating Pump

Steam Reciprocating Pump is a direct-acting reciprocating pump powered by steam, generally horizontal. The working principle of the Steam Reciprocating Pump is that steam enters the steam distribution chamber from the steam inlet pipe, and then enters the cylinder through the steam inlet on the left side of the cylinder. The cylinder piston moves to the right under the action of steam pressure, and the exhaust steam is discharged from the exhaust port on the right side of the cylinder. Into the exhaust steam room. When the cylinder piston moves, it pushes the pump chamber piston connected with the piston rod in the same direction, so that the left pump chamber of the water cylinder is vacuumed, and water is sucked into the left pump chamber through the suction pipe and the left water inlet door. At the same time, the outlet door on the right opens to push the water out. When the cylinder piston moves to the right top position, the connecting rod moves to the left, closing the steam inlet on the left side of the cylinder, opening the steam inlet on the right, and entering steam, the piston begins to move left again. The water pump piston sucks water from the right and pumps it out from the left. Through the continuous reciprocating movement of the water pump piston with the cylinder piston, water can be continuously absorbed and pressed out.

Features of Steam Reciprocating Pump
 1. The discharge pressure of the Steam Reciprocating Pump depends on the steam pressure. Since the cylinder area is generally 2 to 2.5 times larger than the water cylinder area, a higher pressure can be obtained.
 2. The flow rate of the Steam Reciprocating Pump depends on the flow rate of the steam, which is convenient to adjust and can adapt to large load changes.
 3. Steam Reciprocating Pump has a high efficiency, generally up to 80%-95%.
Steam Reciprocating Pump is mainly used as the daily water supply equipment of the boiler and as a backup pump in the event of a power failure.

2QS Steam Reciprocating Pump is a kind of pumping equipment that is powered by steam and works according to the pump principle. Its main advantages are simple structure, easy installation, use and maintenance. It can be used as long as it is connected with steam and water inlet and outlet pipes. It can be used for general water delivery and medium and small boiler feed water. Such as replacing the piston and certain parts in the cylinder, it can also be used in oil refineries to transport petroleum products and mine drainage.