What is the function of the lubrication system of High Pressure Water Pump



The lubrication of the moving part of the High Pressure Water Pump is the forced circulation lubrication of the gear pump driven by the main shaft through the rotation of the gear. The driving wheel rotated by the gear is sleeved on the main shaft on the opposite side of the flywheel. The lubricating oil is sucked out from the cooler in the basement behind the machine base with a High Pressure Water Pump, and pressed into the bearing cap and parallel guide rails on the machine base with a gear pump along the pipe through the oil filter to lubricate the crosshead. The used lubricating oil flows into the oil tank on the base of the pump unit and from there into the lubricating oil cooler. The lubricating oil is cooled by the water passing through the coil.

High Pressure Water Pump

Repair, installation and operation of High Pressure Water Pump. High Pressure Water Pump operates in accordance with the special regulations formulated separately for each structure and according to the nature of the liquid being transported. Basically, you must pay attention to frequent lubrication, new oil, replenishment of new oil, and packing tightness during operation. Packing should be pressed tightly when oil leaks. If it is impossible to eliminate the oil leakage by pressing the packing, you should replace the packing with a new one. When the valve seat, valve ball and valve disc are worn out, they should be replaced with new ones.

The High Pressure Water Pump is supplied with lubricating oil from an oil injector installed on the base of the pump unit. The oiler is operated by a chain drive, and its driving sprocket is sleeved on the end of the crankshaft.