Precautions for the safe use of IS ISR End Suction Pump



IS ISR End Suction Pump is a new type of oil conveyor, which is widely used in various industries, factories and mines to transport and pump various oils, such as diesel, kerosene, and engine oil. IS ISR End Suction Pump is compact in structure, stable in performance, and simple in operation. As long as the pump body is inserted into the oil drum and the power switch is turned on, the oil in the drum can be sucked out, which is convenient, labor-saving and highly efficient.

IS ISR End Suction Pump
Safety precautions for IS ISR End Suction Pump
1.IS ISR End Suction Pump can be used within ±10% of the rated value within the voltage range of the IS ISR End Suction Pump.
2.The IS ISR End Suction Pump should avoid electrical grades and water and oil in places where electrical grades are installed. When using SB electric oil drum pumps, do not damage the electrical grades, and avoid electrical parts such as oil, water and motor switches. contact.
3.IS ISR End Suction Pump is to prevent sudden start, the switch should be in the "off" state before the power is turned on.
4.Do not abuse the power cord of IS ISR End Suction Pump, and do not extend or exchange the power cord arbitrarily. Do not pull the power cord to scratch, cut or crush.
5.​​IS ISR End Suction Pump is an explosion-proof type. When replacing the brush or repairing, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the explosion-proof part so that it cannot be damaged or roughened. When repairing or replacing the brushes, the motor should be turned on to clean the inner cavity carbon powder, oil rot, etc.
6.IS ISR End Suction Pump should be used correctly, and the user chooses the appropriate plug.
7.IS ISR End Suction Pump prohibits the use of locations: it cannot be used in special environments such as humidity, wind and snow, and corrosive gas locations.