Precautions for installation of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump



The advantage of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump is the reasonable layout of the full range of water conservancy functions, the wide selection of users, the "rear-opening" structure, the convenience of maintenance, and the power and suction reach to international standards.

UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump

The equipment precautions of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump are as follows:
1. Make a concrete foundation according to the size of the foundation, and bury the anchor bolts of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump together.
2. Put the entire UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump on the foundation, put a shock-absorbing block between the bottom plate and the foundation, and adjust the shock-absorbing block to find the level of the UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump. After alignment, tighten the anchor bolts. The UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump and motor should be inspected before the equipment. Each part should be intact and there should be no debris in the chemical centrifugal pump.
3. In order to prevent debris from entering the UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump, a filter should be installed at the inlet, and the filter area must be 3 to 4 times larger than the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipeline.
4. UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump also needs to install a check valve on the outlet pipeline to prevent water hammer damage due to sudden shutdown. Both the inlet and outlet pipes of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump should have brackets, and chemical centrifugal pumps cannot be used to support the force. The inlet and outlet pipe diameters should be the same as the inlet and outlet diameters of the chemical centrifugal pump.
5. When the viscosity of the liquid drawn by UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump is too high, the pump function and power will change. Please contact us for details. Magnetic chemical centrifugal pumps cannot pump liquids that contain particles and are easy to crystallize, and are not allowed to work continuously in the case of closed discharge ports. It is necessary to maintain a low flow rate.
6. When the liquid temperature is too high, it is necessary to adopt a cooling method for the mechanical seal of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump to avoid mechanical seal deformation and static ring cracking. After setting the UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump, check whether there is any scratching or rubbing. The equipment is completed when it rolls easily and evenly.