Precautions for the operation of High Pressure Water Pump



1. The High Pressure Water Pump should be placed in a well-ventilated place as much as possible to run in order to facilitate rapid heat dissipation and reduce the temperature of the motor. Otherwise, it will burn the motor easily if it runs for a long time. For example, when a farmer is using a self-priming high-pressure pump, because the plastic film covering the motor is not removed, the motor is overheated and the coil is burned out. In addition, before starting, be sure to check the amount of water in the High Pressure Water Pump, otherwise it will not only affect the self-priming performance, but also easily burn the shaft seal components. Under normal circumstances, the high-pressure pump should discharge water within 3 to 5 minutes after it is started, otherwise, it should be shut down immediately for inspection.

High Pressure Water Pump

2.High Pressure Water Pump repair

Once the High Pressure Water Pump malfunctions, do not disassemble it yourself. When disassembling by oneself, one is blindly dismantling one without knowing where the fault is; second, the original intact parts are often damaged without special tools. The best way is to go to an experienced and large-scale repair point for repairs, and replace the over-aged parts and certain wearing parts in time. Under normal circumstances, High Pressure Water Pump should be repaired once every six months to prevent sick work.

3. Non-use period storage

During the non-use period, the High Pressure Water Pump should be lifted away from the water source in time, and the accumulated water in the high pressure pump should be drained, especially in the cold winter. Then place it in a dry place. If possible, users can apply butter on the key parts of the High Pressure Water Pump and add lubricating oil to the bearings to prevent the parts from rusting. In addition, the non-use period of the high-pressure pump is not as long as possible. If it is not used for a long time, it will not only easily corrode the parts, but also reduce the service life of the High Pressure Water Pump.

4. Determine the number and standby rate of High Pressure Water Pump

Generally, only one High Pressure Water Pump is used for normal operation, because a large high pressure pump is equivalent to two small high pressure pumps working in parallel (referring to the same head and flow), and the efficiency of the large high pressure pump is higher than that of the small high pressure pump. From the energy saving point of view, it is better to choose one large high-pressure pump instead of two small high-pressure pumps.