What are the precautions for using QW sewage pump



When the QW sewage pump is working, the auxiliary impeller rotates with the main shaft of the pump, and the liquid of the auxiliary impeller also rotates together. The rotating liquid generates centrifugal force outwards. On the one hand, this centrifugal force prevents the liquid flowing to the machine seal and reduces the pressure of the machine seal.

QW sewage pump

(1) When the humidity sensor or temperature sensor issues an alarm or the pump body is working with abnormal vibration and noise, or the water pressure of the outlet quantity drops, and the power consumption rises significantly, the downtime of the QW sewage pump should be checked immediately.
(2) Some unsealed QW sewage pumps are soaked in water for a long time. Even if they are not used, the insulation value will gradually decrease, and eventually they cannot be used. Spontaneous combustion will occur even if the working time is shorter than that of a continuously working submersible pump in the water. Therefore, sometimes the submersible pump cannot be spared in the suction tank. If conditions permit, intervention and preparation can be made outside the pond. When the working submersible pump fails, it immediately stops running, and puts down the standby pump after ascending.
(3) The QW sewage pump cannot be opened too frequently and stopped. Otherwise it will affect the life of the submersible pump. After the submersible pump stops, the water in the pipeline flows back, and it restarts immediately at this time. When the electric pump starts, the load will be too heavy and will bear unnecessary shock load. In addition, if the submersible pump is turned on too frequently and stops, the parts with reduced impact may be damaged, and the entire electric pump will also be damaged.
(4) After stopping, the motor cannot be restarted before it stops working completely.
(5) Cut off the power when checking the electric pump.
(6) When the QW sewage pump is running, do not wash objects, swim or put livestock in the water nearby. When the electric pump leaks, please do not get an electric shock accident.