What are the advantages of QW sewage pump



QW sewage pump is a submersible sewage pump, which can tear and cut long fibers, bags, belts, glue, cloth and other materials from sewage, and then discharge them smoothly. It is especially suitable for transporting liquids containing solids and fibers and particularly dirty, Sticky, slippery liquid. There are two types: AS and AV submersible sewer pumps.

QW sewage pump

What are the advantages of QW sewage pump?

Compared with ordinary horizontal pumps or vertical sewage pumps, QW sewage pump has the following advantages.

   1. Small structure, small occupied area. The QW sewage pump works under submersible liquid, so it can be directly installed in the sewer, without the need to build a special pump house for installing pumps and machinery, thereby saving a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

   2. Easy to install and maintain. QW sewage pump can be installed freely. Large sewage pumps are usually equipped with automatic lotus root devices, which can be installed automatically, making installation and maintenance very convenient.

   3. Long continuous operation time. Due to the coaxial pump and motor, QW sewage pump has a short shaft and light weight of rotating parts, so the load (radius) applied to the bearing is relatively small, and its life span is much longer than that of ordinary pumps.

Due to these advantages, QW sewage pump has attracted more and more attention, and its scope of use has become wider and wider. It could originally transport clean water, various domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater, construction site drainage, liquid feed, etc. Various industries, such as municipal engineering, industry, hospitals, construction, canteens, and water conservancy construction, play a very important role.