The main purpose of 2CY Gear Oil Pump



2CY Gear Oil Pump application: used to transport all kinds of lubricating liquids. Application of 2CY Gear Oil Pump: 2CY Gear Oil Pump is widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, grain and oil, food, medical, building materials, metallurgy, national defense scientific research and other industries.

2CY Gear Oil Pump

2CY Gear Oil Pump is suitable for conveying lubricating oil without solid particles and fibers, non-corrosive, temperature not higher than 150℃, viscosity 5-1500cst or other similar lubricating oil. Process requirements for outdoor trial installation and thermal insulation of various curing agents at room temperature and cold areas.

Advantages: simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, good workmanship, low price, strong self-priming ability, insensitivity to oil pollution, large speed range, shock load resistance, convenient maintenance and reliable work.

2CY Gear Oil Pump is generally used to transport various oils, such as crude oil, diesel oil, lubricating oil, animal and vegetable oil, etc. Equipped with copper gears, it can transport low flash point liquids, such as gasoline, benzene, etc. The temperature of the medium should not exceed 70℃, and the operating temperature of the high temperature oil pump should not exceed 300℃. The pump itself has a safety valve, which plays a role of safety protection when overloaded.

2CY Gear Oil Pump is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body, safety valve, shaft end seal (special requirements, optional magnetic drive, zero leakage structure) and so on. The gears are heat-treated to have high hardness and strength, and are installed in replaceable bushings together with the shaft to run. The lubrication of all parts in the pump is automatically achieved by using the conveying medium when the pump is working. There are reasonably designed oil drain and oil return grooves in the pump, so that the gears bear the least torque during work, so the bearing load is small, the wear is small, and the pump efficiency is high. According to user needs, the gears can be replaced with copper gears, equipped with explosion-proof motors, to transport flammable and explosive media such as diesel, gasoline, toluene, etc. It can also be made of stainless steel for conveying hygienic and corrosive media.