What is FSB Centrifugal Pump? Detailed explanation of FSB Centrifugal Pump components



FSB Centrifugal Pump is also called FSB type fluorine plastic alloy centrifugal pump. The shell of fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is made of metal shell tightly lined with fluorine plastic. The main flow parts are made of high-temperature molding with metal inserts outsourcing fluoroplastics.

FSB Centrifugal Pump

FSB Centrifugal Pump can transport various corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, salts, strong oxidizers, etc. at any concentration for a long time under the temperature of -50-160 degrees. Its shell and flow parts are all made of F46 fluoroalloy. Manufactured, it combines the advantages of a variety of fluoroplastics, has strong corrosion resistance, and has the advantages of high mechanical strength, no aging, and no toxin decomposition. FSB Centrifugal Pump has high mechanical strength, reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance, smooth flow path, high efficiency, and energy saving.

FSB Centrifugal Pump has a total of more than 20 specifications, with a wide range of flow and head. It is suitable for transporting liquids in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, pickling, dye, paint, smelting, papermaking, electroplating, food and other industries to prevent running, spilling, dripping and leakage.

FSB Centrifugal Pump adopts the most advanced externally mounted PTFE bellows mechanical seal, with multi-layer protection, which prolongs the service life of the mechanical seal. For conveying particles containing impurities, it can be equipped with a single-end hard-to-hard mechanical seal without cooling water. , So users need to consider the solid content in the medium when selecting models.

The flow parts of FSB Centrifugal Pump are all made of fluoroplastic alloy, which can transport various corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, salts, strong oxidants, etc. The casing and flow parts are made of fluorine-lined alloy. The pump has a compact structure. , Simple operation and low price.