Manufacturers tell you: the characteristics and uses of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump



UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump refers to the centrifugal pump used in the chemical field. Compared with other types of pumps, UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump has simple structure, less wear and tear, stable operation, low noise, uniform water discharge, and convenient adjustment. High efficiency and other advantages, so chemical centrifugal pumps have been widely used.

UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump

The working principle of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump is that when the pump is full of water, the impeller rotates to generate centrifugal force, and the water in the impeller channel is thrown to the periphery and flows into the pump casing under the action of centrifugal force, so the central pressure of the impeller decreases. Below the pressure in the inlet pipe, water flows from the suction pool into the impeller under the action of this pressure difference. In this way, the water pump can continuously suck water and supply water continuously.

UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump features and uses

1. The flow rate, discharge pressure, NPSH of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump and the temperature and pressure resistance of the pump must meet the requirements of the relevant process.

2. The pump must have good airtightness, the leakage of its shaft seal should be within the allowable range, and a non-leakage structure should be adopted when necessary.

3. The structure of the pump must be adapted to the characteristics of the liquid to be delivered, so that various liquid materials can be transported normally and smoothly, and the structure should eliminate or reduce the temperature stress, corrosion fatigue, stress corrosion, etc. that cause the pump to fail.

4. The material of the pump should conform to the chemical properties and operating conditions of the liquid material being sent.

5. The pump must be easy to install, disassemble and maintain.

6. The service life of the pump's wearing parts (such as bearings, etc.) should meet the long-term, continuous operation requirements of petrochemical production.

7. The pump should have high efficiency.

8. The design, material selection, manufacturing and inspection of UHB-ZK Chemical Centrifugal Pump comply with relevant standards and specifications.