The performance characteristics and application of quality Steam Reciprocating Pump



The lift of the quality Steam Reciprocating Pump relies on the reciprocating motion of the piston, which directly transfers the mechanical energy to the liquid in the form of static pressure. Therefore, its head has nothing to do with the flow rate, and can theoretically reach an infinite value, which is where it differs from a centrifugal pump. Its actual head only depends on the total energy required by the piping system and the design strength of the pump itself, including the static head Hst of the piping system, and the total head loss in the suction and pressure water pipes.

quality Steam Reciprocating Pump
The performance characteristics of quality Steam Reciprocating Pump can be summarized as: ①quality Steam Reciprocating Pump is a high-lift, small-flow volumetric water pump, which can be used for system pressure testing, metering, etc. ②The valve must be opened to start, otherwise the water pump, power machine and transmission mechanism may be damaged. ③Do not use the gate valve to adjust the flow, otherwise it will not only reduce the flow, but increase the power consumption of the power machine. ④When the pump is started, the air in the suction pipe can be gradually inhaled and discharged, and it does not need to be filled with water before starting. ⑤ Set up safety valves or other facilities for adjusting the flow at the appropriate position of the system. ⑥ The water output is uneven, and in severe cases, it may cause shock and vibration during operation.
Quality Compared with centrifugal pumps, Steam Reciprocating Pumps have larger dimensions and weight, higher prices, more complex structures, and inconvenient operation and management. Therefore, centrifugal pumps are used in most applications. However, it still has its unique role in high lift, small flow, transportation of special liquids, supply of drilling circulating water, occasions requiring strong self-priming ability, and accurate metering.