The principle and structure of the customized Steam Reciprocating Pump



The principle of the customized Steam Reciprocating Pump is basically the same as that of the electric reciprocating pump. The main difference is the driving method. The steam reciprocating pump does not have a crank connecting rod mechanism. As shown in Figure 333, the customized Steam Reciprocating Pump is controlled by the steam distribution mechanism to control the pressure and flow of steam. Then the steam acting on the cylinder piston drives the reciprocating motion of the liquid cylinder piston, so that the pressure change in the liquid cylinder cooperates with the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet valve groups to transport the liquid.

customized Steam Reciprocating Pump

What is the general structure of the customized Steam Reciprocating Pump?

The customized Steam Reciprocating Pump generally has three main components: the cylinder, the liquid cylinder and the intermediate connecting body. The picture is a horizontal double-cylinder double-acting steam reciprocating pump. The cylinder part includes the distribution box, cylinder piston, cylinder block, etc.; the function of the intermediate connecting body is to connect the cylinder and the liquid cylinder together, mainly including the center frame and other steam distribution mechanisms; the structure of the liquid cylinder is the same as that of other reciprocating pumps, including Inlet and outlet valve group, cylinder piston, cylinder block, etc.