What is R Hot Water Circulation Pump



R Hot Water Circulation Pump can transport liquid, mainly relying on the action of the impeller installed in the pump body of the pipeline pump. Its size, shape and manufacturing precision greatly affect the performance of the pump.

R Hot Water Circulation Pump

There are three types of impellers: closed, open and semi-open. A closed impeller is generally composed of a cover plate, blades and a hub. The side of the suction port is called the front cover, the rear side is called the rear cover, and the middle is the blade, and the blades are generally curved back. Open impellers do not have front and rear covers. The semi-open impeller does not have a front cover, but has a rear cover. The impeller can be divided into single-suction impeller according to the suction method, and the pump body is also called the pump casing. The main function of the R Hot Water Circulation Pump is to seal the impeller in a certain space, collect the liquid thrown out by the impeller and guide it to the discharge pipeline, and convert a part of the velocity energy of the liquid into pressure energy, that is, increase its pressure. It is a part that is subjected to liquid pressure.

R Hot Water Circulation Pump is a horizontal structure with the same inlet and outlet diameters and located on the same center line. It can be installed in the pipeline like a valve. It has a compact and beautiful appearance, small footprint and low construction investment. The cover can be placed outdoors.

The impeller of the R Hot Water Circulation Pump is directly installed on the long shaft of the motor, with short axial dimensions and compact structure. The pump and motor bearings are reasonably arranged, which can effectively balance the radial and axial loads generated by the operation of the pump, thereby ensuring the R Hot Water Circulation Pump. The Water Circulation Pump runs smoothly, with low vibration and low noise. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination, adopts imported titanium alloy sealing ring, medium-sized high temperature resistant mechanical seal and hard alloy material, wear-resistant seal, which can effectively prolong the service life of mechanical seal.