How to choose a High Pressure Water Pump with the right pressure



The higher the pressure of the High Pressure Water Pump, the higher the requirements for the performance of the components and the tightness of the device will be, which will lead to higher costs. Once the pressure is too high, when the jet is sprayed on the surface of the cleaning object, it is likely to cause water splashes, which will cause unfavorable phenomena to the cleaning work. In this way, it will offset the effect of water pressure and may also lead to water atomization. As a result, the cleaning efficiency is not only reduced, but also the cleaning effect is not ideal.

High Pressure Water Pump

The pressure required for High Pressure Water Pump cleaning should be comprehensively considered according to the specific requirements of the equipment work and the nature of the dirt on the surface of the cleaning object and the degree of scale removal. The required pressure is the most scientific and reasonable. Nowadays, when high-pressure water jet cleaning is used, two methods are often used to determine the required pressure size: experimental method and analog method.

The experimental method refers to finding out the pressure parameter value with the fastest efficiency and the best effect after many experiments on the equipment that needs to be cleaned. The analogy method only refers to finding a suitable pressure and flow value by comparing the cleaning efficiency of similar products of Hetian to select a suitable high-pressure pump.

The high pressure of High Pressure Water Pump also has an adverse effect on the bearing capacity of the cleaning object, and it is easy to impact and damage the cleaning object. Therefore, when choosing a high-pressure cleaning pump, it is necessary to consider the practical aspects, and do not blindly pursue high pressure and deviate from the cleaning purpose.